Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zaycon: 40 lbs of Bulk Chicken

A couple weeks ago a woman in my LDS Ward sent out an announcement about a company called Zaycon Foods.

They are a company that helps family save money on high quality food products by buying large quantities of food in bulk and selling them locally to families like US!

Last week I purchased 40 lbs of bulk 100% natural chicken from Zaycon foods.
The whole process was easy.

First, you go to the website HERE, register and find a location near you.
Second, you pick your selections and pay online.
Third, on your pick up date you arrive at your location which might look something like this:

Look for the nifty Zaycon signs to alert you where to enter....

Drive around to the pick up site, show your receipt and wait in line (inside your car!) until it's your turn.

When it is your turn, the nice volunteers load the chicken into your car for you.
I did all this while Kid-Mo (age 4) and Baby-Mo (2 mos) napped in the backseat of my car!

I wasn't sure I could handle 40 lbs of chicken, so I split my order with two other people.
Here's a photo of my half of the chicken.

Give it a try! The meat tasted fantastic and the chicken breasts were just HUGE! Great for cooking.
Check their website for locations and events near you. Click HERE to go to Zaycon Foods.