Tuesday, March 26, 2013

April Fools Dessert: Kitty Litter Cake

It is time to revisit the KITTY LITTER CAKE....
PERFECT for April Fool's Day!
Pretty icky, Right?  Let's get started.

Step 1: Assemble Ingredients
Baking pans from the dollar store (same size as the litter pan)
Nerds (for fancy green specs found in cat litter)
Tootsie Rolls (for, well, the Poop)
 Step 2: Prepare the pan
Cat litter Pan (this is just a regular old tupperware container)
Found at the dollar store!
I baked two cakes in total, enough to fill up the litter box :)
 TIP: Please oh PLEASE.....
Run the "cat litter pan" through your dish washer!  
Maybe even do this step a couple of times just to be safe.

Step 3: Layer the cake in the pan. 
(I cut up one layer and stacked it along the edge so there were no random open spaces along the edge)

Step 4: Cover with Frosting
 Step 5:  Make the cat litter
Grind up about 20 sandwich cookies.
I found that the tuxedo cookies worked great for the coloring!

Step 6: Cover cake with cat litter!
 Step 7: Add green odor specs
aka... Nerds candy
 Step 8:   Prepare the Tootsie Rolls :)
Heat in the microwave for 5 seconds and unwrap
Step 9:  Get Creative ... make poop!
(KidMo LOVED helping on this step!)

I shaped two Tootsie Rolls in the shape of a "40"
for my Brother's Birthday :)

And now you can make your very own Cat Litter Cake!
 Oh... and don't forget to pick up a pooper scooper while you are at the Dollar Store! 
It makes a perfect accent to the cake :)

OK - Let the comments ROLL in!
What do you REALLY think of this cake?

Let's hear it! :)
 My family had a blast with the cake.

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