Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cat Litter Cake Tutorial

And now... I present the Cat Litter Cake:

Pretty icky, Right?

I saw this a while back and knew I needed to try it out for myself.
My brother's 40th Birthday was the PERFECT event.

Let's get started.

Step 1: Assemble Ingredients
Baking pans from the dollar store (same size as the litter pan)
Nerds (for fancy green specs found in cat litter)
Tootsie Rolls (for, well, the Poop)
 Step 2: Prepare the pan
Cat litter Pan (this is just a regular old tupperware container)
Found at the dollar store!
I baked two cakes in total, enough to fill up the litter box :)
 TIP: Please oh PLEASE.....
Run the "cat litter pan" through your dish washer!  
Maybe even do this step a couple of times just to be safe.

Step 3: Layer the cake in the pan. 
(I cut up one layer and stacked it along the edge so there were no random open spaces along the edge)

Step 4: Cover with Frosting
 Step 5:  Make the cat litter
Grind up about 20 sandwich cookies.
I found that the tuxedo cookies worked great for the coloring!

Step 6: Cover cake with cat litter!
 Step 7: Add green odor specs
aka... Nerds candy
 Step 8:   Prepare the Tootsie Rolls :)
Heat in the microwave for 5 seconds and unwrap
Step 9:  Get Creative ... make poop!
(KidMo LOVED helping on this step!)

I shaped two Tootsie Rolls in the shape of a "40"
for the special occasion :)

And now you can make your very own Cat Litter Cake!
 Oh... and don't forget to pick up a pooper scooper while you are at the Dollar Store!  It makes a perfect accent to the cake :)

OK - Let the comments ROLL in!
What do you REALLY think of this cake?

Let's hear it! :)
 My family had a blast with the cake.
The kids thought it was hillarious... but were too afraid to eat the "poop"
The adults couldn't stop taking photos of it.

Happy Birthday Big Brother!
Here's to 40 More years!
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Design It Chic

LOL :):) It turned out really awesome and I love how well the Tootsie Rolls imitate.. hmm well.. the stinkin' truth:) hi hi Oh and
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Happy Friday!


Hi I love that and also thinks it's sick! lol Do you mind if I put a link of this on my blog?


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This looks utterly disgusting, but I LOVE it! I am going to have to try it and see what hubby thinks! I'll surprise him with it! LOL (Or my MIL who hates cats, none the less litter boxes!!!)


Hahah genious but so gross!!
Have a super week end!

Debs Dealz

What a cute idea!

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This is friggin fantastic I love it! I have an event with a friend who loves cats and this is puuurrrefect - sorry I just had to. Thank you so much for coming by my site. I am now following.


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LOVE This idea! My boys will too. Thanks for sharing.


This is so a gross way. I had seen this a long time ago but did not know how to do it. My son turns 13 this week, this will be the cake. Thanks.


This is utterly disgustingly awesome. Must make.


I'm sure it tastes good, even if it does look completely disgusting! ;)
Visiting from Amanda's.


That is hilarious! I had to see the recipe when I saw the title on Amanda's link party! How creative and fun!


Soooo Gross!!! Yet too funny! My kid will just love this! Love your twisted humor!

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Just thought I would update, I did make the cake for my son's birthday and blogged about it here:
I linked back to you. Thank you for the idea:)

Lil' Luna

That is awesome!!!