Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Target Trip of 2011

Here's my first big Target purchase of 2011!

The key to a good target deal is to use their Target Coupons from the Target Website. You can use one target coupon and one manufacturer coupon on each item.

Target typically puts out a coupon for items that are already on sale! For instance, I purchased Market Pantry Frozen Chicken Breasts on sale for $5.94 and they had a printable coupon to save $2 on the purchase of two packages! Not bad

So, I stocked up on frozen chicken breast this trip!

Here is what I purchased:
(keep in mind that this purchase included THREE Containers of Formula! ) :)

4 Packages Frozen Chicken Breasts
1 Package Frozen breaded chicken
1 Package Jennie O Turkey Burger
2 Packages Oscar Meyer chicken
1 Frozen mixed vegetables
1 Kraft Cheese
2 Lunchables
1 Frozen pizza
1 LARGE Similac Infant Formula
2 Infant Formula
1 24 Pack Scott Toilet paper (not pictured)
2 12 pack Mountain Dew (not pictured)
4 Rolls Christmas Wrapping paper (not pictured- 20 cents each!)

And... my "splurge" for this day...

1 Halo Infant Sleep Sac - on sale for $15

Total Spent $85.57
Total Saved $68.37!

Now... a word about my "splurge". The infant Sleep Sac has been the BEST purchase! My 7 week old baby boy actually slept for FIVE count em, FIVE hours straight the first night we tried this! WOOHOO! I'd pay $15 for a good night's sleep anytime! I recommend it to anyone!

And, if you purchase it at Target this week it is on sale for just $15. HERE is the link.