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Welcome to the MoMomma website!

I'm a 30 something working mom of 2 adorable boys age 5 (KidMo) and 10 mos (BabyMo). I am also married to the Man of my Dreams (aka MoDaddy) and very blessed to have him in my life. We are Church going folks and attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm a convert to the Church and I'm still learning the ropes :)

I work full time and like all moms, struggle to find the perfect balance of work, family and life. Follow my blog to see how I'm attempting to conquering it all. I will try to share some things that I learn along the way, including some yummy recipes and fun crafts.

You can contact me via email at MrsMoMomma (at) aol (dot) com
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I grew up in Northern California and am the happiest under gloomy cloudy skies 
(they remind me of my childhood)

All Things Disney
and Vacation

My parents are celebrating their 49th Wedding Anniversary this year.
They are great examples to me.

I'm proud of my Mom who was a Stay at Home Mom and was always there for us.  I wish I too could stay home with my kidlets.
Being a working Mom is tougher than I ever imagined.
I am my Father's Daughter.  My Father is an Engineer who has a keen interest in knowing how things work and enjoys helping people.  He can fix ANYthing and our very own Handy-Manny in the family.

I have one older brother who was kind enough to tease and torment me during my growing up years.  We are now close friends and live just a few miles from each other with our families.

I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at the age of 18.  
I felt as though something was missing in my life.
I searched and searched for answers to the "BIG" questions in life.
I found my answers with the LDS Church and happily joined :)

I am six years older than Mr Hubby.
Yup. That's right.
I met him at the young age of 19 and myself at 25.  

We dated for 3 months while he prepared to serve a Full Time Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Taiwan Taipei Mission. 

At 19 Mr. Hubby left for his mission.
Unable to speak on the phone for 2 years, we kept in touch by writing letters to each other.  We grew close during those two years. We shared our testimonies, our experiences on opposite sides of the earth, and our hopes and dreams for the future.

When he returned at the age of 21 I was at the airport with his family to greet him.  He promptly walked right past me to claim his baggage.  Technically still a "missionary" he lived the rules until released later that night.  He asked me for a ride down to Walgreens with him to buy a toothbrush.  (Yeah... he's smooth like that)
We kissed.  Tears were shed.  It had been a long two years apart.  

We were engaged 2 weeks later and Married  three months later in the Mesa Arizona Temple for Time and All Eternity

Two years later we were expecting our first baby and living in Utah.

Things went wrong. The baby wasn't  growing and was not expected to live.
We were faced with a tough decision.

Option 1: Deliver the baby who Dr's said had a FATAL chromosomal disease via natural delivery. The baby would not survive. He was too small for his gestational age and his defects were too severe.  
This option would allow me to have more children later in life.

Option 2:  Deliver the baby via classical c-section up the center of my stomach and give the baby the best chance for survival.  He may live a few minutes or hours but would not leave the hospital due to his health issues.  Best case scenario he may live a few months on assisted living.  
This option would not allow me to have more children later in life due to how they would have to operate.

We had mere minutes to decide.
We choose Option 2 to give the baby the best chance at survival. 
We prayed. We called our families. They prayed.

We welcomed a tiny 1 lb 3 oz baby boy into the world at 30 wks gestation.  (aka KidMo)
He was healthy, with NO Chromosomal disorder.  He was small and in the fight of his life.

Each day was a miracle.
He was on a ventilator and had a serious infection that could take his life.
On day 11 we lost him, his heart and breathing stopped. 
He had to be resuscitation and given three shots of epinephrine to come back to life.

After 3 months in the NICU he "graduated" and was released to go home.

Feeling a strong desire to be in our home state of Arizona we moved back in 2009.
Surrounded by family and in a new home we felt complete but were missing a sibling for KidMo.

We had been hoping for a second child for a few years but were not sure it was in the Lord's plan for us.  In fact, we were not sure my body was meant for babies after our first pregnancy.

We were delighted to find we would be adding second baby into the family in 2010.
Once again, the pregnancy was difficult.
The baby was growing okay, but was still behind in growth.  Dr's worried about his lack of movement and feared he had a heart defect also.

I suffered from pre-eclampsia and gained over 50 lbs at the end of the pregnancy.  I had extremely low platelets which worried Drs that I could hemmorage and bleed to death during surgery.  I would need to be knocked out during the surgery and would miss the birth of my own baby.
We were rushed in for another emergency c-section. (This time at 34 weeks)

We welcomed a small 3 lb 15 oz baby boy (aka BabyMo) to the world
BabyMo had a short 2 week stay in the NICU and came home on Thanksgiving

I believe in Modern Day Miracles and I am the Mother to two very special Miracles.

This blog is a celebration of all that is beautiful in the world.

My family. My faith. My life experiences. 
My talents.  My creativity. Even My lack of talent.
My shortcomings. My triumphs.
My search for more in the world.

Amy... learning how to Master Mormon Motherhood.