Monday, August 29, 2011

Scariest Post Ever: Moms Into Fitness

Hold on to your seats...
... We are about to embark on the
Scariest Post Ever!

Okay. Maybe that was a little dramatic.
It's my own personal scariest post ever.
It's about.... weight loss.

Can we just girl talk for a minute?  I mean really talk.

First of all, I can't believe I'm about to post my own weight somewhere online. Seriously. I don't think even MoDaddy or my closest pals know how much I weigh.

There is something liberating about just talking about weight. So, here goes!

When I found out I was expecting baby #2  I weighed 181.  Not bad.  I'm 5'10 so that's a pretty 'healthy' weight.  But, I didn't feel FIT at 181. 
I felt flabby, run down and without a lot of energy.

When I had BabyMo 9 months ago I tipped the pregnancy scales on delivery day at a whopping 229.
And this was me at 34 weeks.  Just imagine what would have happened had I gone full term.  The pre-eclampsia had caused me to really puff up and retain a lot of water and weight.  After I was released from the hospital 10 days later I was back down to 190.  

I had lost 39 lbs in 10 days!
Wow, talk about baby weight loss

However, there is something really difficult about recovering from a c-section.  You moms who have been through it know what I'm talking about.  Your tummy just isn't the same. And your body knows something happened but it just doesn't 'bounce back' like normal.

I've had two emergency c-sections.

It's time to get serious.
This photo is my motivation right now:

My beautiful wedding ring :)
Except .... this is not my wedding ring.  This is a temporary ring I purchased from Avon because my real ring still won't fit on my finger.

I want to wear my own wedding ring :)

Here is how I'm going to do it...

I've teamed up with Lindsay Brin and I'm currently doing her 60 day Slim Down DVD set!

Goal Weight:  160 lbs
Starting Weight: 194.8

Week 1-2: weight loss -1 lb :)  193.8

I've been doing the Lindsay Brin 60 day Slim Down for 2 weeks now. I haven't had a structured plan but try to do it 3x a week. I've tried a few of her DVDs (there are 4 in the set) and I really like them!  She teaches you how to do each exercise and goes at a pace that feels normal.  There are 3 women in each of the boot camp series from beginner to advanced so you can watch the one who most closely represents where you are.

The best part is, Lindsay is a mom just like us!  She just had her third baby and is rockin' some serious Abs! She's been through it all and is super encouraging.

Here is one great tip from Lindsay's blog:

"Tip #3: Be real.  Set a goal.  Put the past behind you.  
Even if you gained 100 lbs in your pregnancy, put it behind you.  And work hard now.  Don't let excuses get in the way.  We are all super busy.  Excuses only hamper you, not the person you are giving excuses to."

I'll keep you posted on my weight loss FEELING FIT journey.
If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Ok MOMS... Who is with me on this journey?
I could use your encouragement so please give me a shout out! :)

My goal is to feel FIT... What is your goal?
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Caren with a "C"

I sure need time to exercise. I was one of those that gained 60 lbs. with my first pregnancy and then only dropped 20 before the next. With c-sections each time it is really difficult for me to loose the weight. But I do believe there is hope with exercise and good eating habits! Best wishes to you in your weight loss journey!
Caren with a "C"

Christy, Home-Mom

Our body measurements aren't at all that different. My hubs wants my goal to be 160, after seeing this I'll change and we can head to the same number .) Good luck chica and keep me posted!!!

Jocelyn Christensen

Oh wow,I need to be doing this! I think I need a personal trainer to hold my hand and MAKE me work out. That donut didn't help today either! :) Thanks for joining my Book of Mormon Forum and for posting the button on your blog! I will definitely be in touch! :) Good luck with the fitness journey!! You can do it!


Good for you! Good luck and stay focused.