Monday, August 22, 2011

Josh Groban Concert- Phoenix, Az

Last week I mentioned in my Monday “Hoo are You?” post that my hubby LOVES to vacuum.  While this is true, that is not the ONLY reason he is a great Husband.  

This past Friday he took me here….

Yup!  JOSH GROBAN baby! :)

Earlier this spring when tickets were about to go on sale, I asked him if he would want to go with me. To my surprise (and delight) he said he would like to go!  So, I got online the minute the presale went online. 
We ended up with front row tickets on the first row of the ‘non-floor’ seats. I was excited beyond belief to go.  It’s been years since I’ve been to a concert.  In fact, I think we’ve only been to one concert together in 7 years! Wow.

Ask anyone in our family why Josh Groban is important to us and while holding back tears, we’ll tell you about our Miracle (KidMo) who was born 1 lb 3 oz at 30 weeks.

When I was pregnant with KidMo Josh Groban’s “You Are Loved / Don’t Give Up” song came out and was popular.  I was pregnant for the first time, and the baby wasn’t doing well. Doctors didn’t expect him to survive.  Every time I’d hear “You Are Loved” on the radio, I’d crank it up so the baby could hear. I’d sing (and pray), “Don’t give up baby. You ARE loved!”  It was our “anthem” for this tiny baby who wouldn’t and didn’t give up. 
Once KidMo came home from the hospital and was doing well, we participated in March of Dimes Walk for Babies. I set up a fundraiser and posted a video online outlining his journey and triumph – all set to “Don’t Give Up” playing in the background.  Everyone who watched it cried.  And so did we.  We are very blessed.

KidMo was aware of the “Don’t Give Up” song from an early age. Tears came to our eyes every time it played. Happy Tears.  Every time the song plays now you can see KidMo get sad.  He whimpers. Then Cries. And asks, “Mom, please turn that song off”. We don’t know if he remembers being so tiny and hearing that song, or if he just isn’t a Groban fan. :) Either way, we love the song and the memories associated with it and our Miracle child.

I knew Josh would sing this song for us, and I was excited to hear it in person!
We started the nigh by going out to eat at Outback Steakhouse.
Dinner x3
Then we were off to the concert…

A quick photo of us before the show began:
concert together
The show was opened by the amazing pianist Elew,  You may have seen him recently on America’s Got Talent.  He was AWESOME.  Fun to watch also. Although I wish we would have brought some binoculars.
The amazing Josh Groban…
Josh x3
There were two stages.  One at the front of the arena with the band, etc. The second one was literally 15 feet from us (You can really see how close we were in the middle photo).  GREAT seats!

The best part of the concert was that Josh Groban sounds exactly the same in concert as he does on his CD’s! He is just an amazing entertainer. He plays the drums and the piano, and he sings in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese!  He answered questions from the crowd and at the end pulled up some fans on stage.  In one of the questions he answered a cue girl named Gabriella asked if he could sing with Josh and he said yes!  Here he is not 5 feet away from us running with Gabriella to the stage!  The sang “The Prayer” together. Awe-some!
Josh with Gabriella
The concert was amazing. I’m so glad we went.  I already want to go back to another of Josh Groban’s concerts!  I loved hearing Josh sing, You Are Loved in person.  I cried the “ugly cry” as Oprah would call it.  Tears streaming down each side of my face – I’m not ashamed to say it. Yes, I cried.  I cried for my miralce.  Thank goodness it was dark in there :)

I am happy to have been able to spend some quality time with my Husband.  We are blessed to have amazing family close by who watched our kids for us so that we could go together.

And now, I leave you with one last photo.

One of the highlights of the entire night….
….Going to the bathroom without any KIDS!  HaHa



Oh, I probably would have DIED to sing with him! Seriously. Cardiac arrest!

That is so neat about the "You Are Loved" song. Too bad he doesn't like it now. Someday it'll become really special to him when he can understand its significance for you.

I saw Josh Groban with my mom when I was a junior in high school. He is an amazing performer. What a fun time!