Monday, August 15, 2011

Featured: Dream Home DIY!

Hello MoMomma readers!
My name is Michelle stopping by from Dream Home DIY where my sweet, southern beau and I chronicle life’s unexpected (but all together charming) surprises as first time homeowners and semi-novice DIYers.
We're a bit....uh...silly
Our blog is essentially a compilation of journal entries;
a time line of projects and renovations on our path to forever.
How would I describe our style?
At times, it tends to lean severely towards the "quirky" side.
Throw in a little classic, a bit of rustic charm, a dash of color and you've made yourself a Michelle and Justin Margarita.
And I'd love to share a few of our favorite projects (to date) with you all...
Our Brand Spankin New Stenciled Wall

Genie Lamp Makeover

Funk-afied Thermostats

His & Hers Key Holders
But we're not simply a "home renovation/craft blog".
Around January, Justin and I started a little something we call the "Infinity List".
An on going list of terribly random, completely out of the blue, and 100% silly things we'd simply love to do.
Some of which include:
And there's plenty more where that came from!
We also meet monthly for the Dream Home DIY book club discussion.
This months read is The Hunger Games.
And it's pretty fabulous

Thank you again for allowing me to stop by!
Happy remodeling!!

Please hop on over and see all of the wonderful things Michelle has to offer on Dream Home DIY!


Michelle @ Dream Home DIY

Thank you SO much for featuring our site :) Hope you have a fabulous day!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your stenciled wall, gorgeous!

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Stopping by for the alexa blog hop!

Minta's Creations

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What a fun blog! Love your projects. I am sure I will get lots of inspiration here.

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