Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Truthful Tuesday: Temporary Tattoos

Today's Truthful Tuesday is going a little Controversial.
Call me ultra-conservative, but this is how I see it.

Kids should not wear temporary tattoos.

Let me tell you why.
Follow along would you?

( Link HERE to the Silhouette Machine site )

I've seen a lot of my friendly bloggers out there today pimping the Silhouette Machine today.

I hope I don't step on any of their crafty toes, but I'm a little disappointed in what I'm seeing out there. 
And, I'd like to tell you why.

First and foremost, I have nothing against the bloggers or the Silhouette Machine.
I would personally LOVE to have a Silhouette and show you all of the cool creations I could make on this puppy.  The machine is quite and investment, and I think it is pretty cool that there is such a variety of ways you can use it.

Here is where my disappointment starts .... Temporary Tattoos.
I am 100% against letting a child have a temporary tattoo.  
What message is this sending?
We are telling these young kids that it is okay to disfigure your body, cover it with images and literally desecrate it.  

Okay, I understand that it is temporary and is in the name of ‘fun’. But truly, what message are we sending our kids?

It would be similar to handing your kid a package of those fake candy cigarettes (remember those?) or maybe a pretend bartender set with beer and wine to go along with that cute play kitchen you let them play with.  

I don't know about you, but that would NOT be okay in my house.
See my point?
I think there as parents we need to be very careful what messages we send to our kids.
We can use something like a temporary tattoo as a teaching moment. 

Endorsing a simple thing such as a temporary tattoo can have a lasting impression on a child.  It may lead to other experimentation down the road also.

Spiritual Side note: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a firm opinion about tattoos. They believe your body is a Temple and that tattoos are like graffiti on the Temple. They simply don’t support them.  

Think about it, they are physical damaging to your body.  Ouch.
Would you really encourage your child to do something that would damage their body?

As a convert to the Church this was something I had to accept and agree with.  I had not personally condoned tattoos prior to my joining the Church so it was easy for me to support.  

I can tell you that I won’t be giving my own children temporary tattoos anytime soon. And, if my child receives a temporary tattoo in his goodie bag at a kid’s party, at school, or otherwise we will politely decline and return it.

I hope you will understand.
What is your personal opinion on the matter?
Won’t you leave me a comment and join the conversation?



I L.O.V.E this post. I agree 100% with your views. Thank you for putting it "out there"! :)


I'm with you 100% as well. Kids are more perceptive than we give them credit. When we allow them to wear fake tattoos, they see this as an endorsement of real tattoos. Then, when we try to teach them real tattoos are not something Heavenly Father wants us to have, they see us as hypocrites.


Amy- I'd never thought about temp tatoos in this way, but your post got me thinking...duh why DIDN'T I? Thanks for the light bulb moment!


Thank you I thought the same thing. It made me sad to see all the tons of posts about temporary tattoos. My kids don't like them either because I have taught them their body is a temple and also is only on loan from God. We need to honor Him in all we do. Thanks for standing up.


I think the same thing. My littles know now that we don't do them. I loved this post and 100% agree:>


Oh my, I couldn't agree more! They drive me nuts!!! I had the exact reaction when I started seeing these new phase throught blog land!
I don't want to open a box of worms or to stand on a soap box here but I also think the same way in regards to children's modesty. When is it no longer okay to wear sleeveless if we let them wear it when they are little? I figure if the answer is 'no' when they are a baby, toddler, pre-teen, it will be that much easier to say when they are teens and young adults!


Interesting post and comments. I must say I disagree. Your comparison of cigarettes and alcohol are vastly different as they have a direct effect on the health of your body whereas temporary tattoos do not. My children are allowed to wear temporary tattoos although honestly they don't seem to be big into them. They also get face painting at parties or the fair for fun. I don't see the harm at all. I do understand though that this decision is based on religious reasons so in no way would I judge this decision, but I don't think that other parents who choose to allow their children this fun should be judged either. To each their own!


I disagree with tattoos, temporary or otherwise. However, if my child were given a goodie bag with one, I would never return it. I would simply have my child throw it away. It is just as important to teach our children to be gracious. If we make an issue of something meant to be a nice gesture, we injure the chance to build a relationship in which we may have the opportunity to share the life-changing truth of Jesus. So much more important than taking a stand over a temporary tattoo.