Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blogs, Birthdays and Blunders

I know many of my blogger followers are anxiously waiting until Midnight for the Giveaway to close. 
While we're waiting I'd like to give you a recap of what my week looked like:

-MoMomma juggling working Full Time with running a house full time, 2 sick kids and a busy Hubby
-KidMo home sick, coughing, complaining and acting helpless (he's 4)
-BabyMo sick, coughing and runny nose along with constant whining and excessive drooling
-Challenging Work Situations
-MoMomma working on Coaching Certification for Master's Degree
-Dishes in the sink are never ending
-House a Mess
-Missing Hubby & Dreaming of a vacation
-BabyMo gets first TWO teeth at the same time
-Tears from ME at Target (more on this later)
-Kids share sickness with me
-MoMomma with coughing, sneezing and killer headache
-Tired, Rundown, etc - all over again
-KidMo feeling better, back to being loud and all over the house
-MY BIRTDAY (sick)
-Wonderfully hubby who brings home dinner and an ice cream cake
-MoDaddy watches Twilight New Moon with me
-BabyMo turns 7 months old (happy |& health)
-Used Kleenex trails all over the house
-Never ending Dishes in the sink (did I already say that?)
-Leftovers for dinner
-Mom's sick

Although it's been a challenging week for me, I realize I have many blessings.  I really am fortunate and I'm happy to be surrounded by my family.  My kids are amazing - even if they are the reason I'm sick right now.  If I had to have someone cough directly on my face while drooling on me, I'd pick these kids for sure.

I'm also loving blogging. The community that is out there for bloggers is amazing. And the community of women out there is just over the top amazing.  I'm enjoying making some bloggy friends.

While sitting on the couch covered in my pile of used Kleenex - I'm becoming best friends with my new iPhone.  I'm downloading apps, checking email and blog stalking like I've never done before!  If you find yourself immobilized like me - or just want to check out some awesome blogs, here are a couple of all time favorites:

Tip Junkie (She got her OWN APP this week!) LOVE IT!
-Laurie the Tip Junkie covers it all.  She has links to anything and everything crafty, handy, DIY, tutorials, recipes, party ideas and just about anything you can think of - awesome!
-Each Tuesday she hosts a Linky Party where you can link up your own projects.

-At first I loved Tidy Mom's blog because of the design, and then the content, and now - I think I have a "hair-cut crush" on her.  Is that even possible?  How cute is her hair?  If I lived anywhere near her I'd be at her daughter/stylist's house now.  Although, with my thin gray (yes at 34 I have gray hair) hair - I have no hope - but I can always try!  Cheryl... you are just adorable!
-Follow on over to her blog for all sorts of ideas on DIY, Recipes, Tips, etc.  You can thank me later.

Now, I can't admit to having met Laurie at Tip Junkie or Cheryl @ Tidy Mom but I'm hoping to rub elbows with these talented ladies sometime soon!

Let me know what some of your favorite bloggy sites are by leaving a comment below.
Here is to a healthier week next week!  Onward... Ever Onward...