Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Truthful Tuesday: Hair

Today's Truthful Tuesday post is all about HAIR.
Grey Hair.
Losing your hair.
Why my baby made me lose my hair and grow grey hair.

No one seems to talk about it, but I'm here to tell you ladies that oh yes, it happens!

Right after I came home from the hospital with BabyMo I started losing my hair by the handfuls. 
And I'm not exaggerating.

It looked like a Tiger had coughed up a fur-ball in my sink. 
That's how much hair I was losing each and every day.

I figured it was no big deal and that it would stop. It happened when I had baby #1 too. 
Eventually it did stop, four months later.
By then, I actually had bald spots on my head.
Awesome right?

Oh ya, and one of my best friends was getting married in a few weeks.  Oh ya, and I was in the wedding. Oh ya, that means formal pictures.

Bring it on.
That's when I noticed these little teeny tiny hairs starting to grow back.... halleluiah!

 See all those small hairs in the lower left of the photo growing diagonally to the top right?
(They aren't hard to miss- they are all grey.... uh, white actually)

And yeah... I took that photo this morning.
True photo (someone call TMZ).

Those, my bloggy friends, are the new hairs that have finally grown in.
Seriously? At 34 all of my new hair is growing in white?
Okay, maybe not ALL of it, but most of it.

This is a pretty TRUTHful Tuesday, isn't it?
I hope I haven't scared you all away yet.

The truth IS that babies do strange things.  My baby is adorable. So I'm okay with having weird hair right now.  But, I'll be seeing a stylist next week - so I'm feeling okay for now.

I've had long hair almost my entire life.  Babies 1 and 2 have changed my hair forever and I realize that super long hair is just not my thing anymore. 

I'm not going directly to the "Golden Girls" haircut just yet, but I'll be there in another 30 years for sure.

Until then, I'm looking for some ideas on cute short (or shorter) haircuts.
And ideas on your favorite stylists and styling products.

Please help a Mommy Out! Leave a comment with your ideas!


Heidi D.

The same thing happened to me after having my twins. The dog didn't have a thing on me! I was shedding like crazy. And, yup... the gray followed, and continues to sprout it's ugly little sticks (I don't know about yours, but mine are nothing like my "normal" hair).

I haven't gone for the short haircut just yet (it's nice to be able to pull it back out of the way of grasping little hands), but I did get blue glasses! A mid-life crisis move, no doubt.

Good luck!


I had the same problem after I had my third almost 16 months ago: hair shedding like crazy and gray hair growing back. Ugh... My solution was to have bangs that will cover the short hairs which stick out in every direction. I ended up coloring my hair close to my natural hair color. I also read somewhere that you can use a marker that's close to your natural color to cover gray hairs between coloring. I haven't tried that because I'm still searching for that marker that's close to my natural color. lol