Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trufthful Tuesday

I think the blogging community is freaking awesome. I love that you can share information and talk about whatever you are passionate about.

I love that bloggers become friends.

My good friend Jenna over at Mom, The Intern, posted an awesome post today about blogging integrity HERE. It seems some of us bloggers, especially Mommy bloggers like myself, can get caught up in sharing one-sided view of their life. In essence, we portray just the GOOD that is in our life, and edit out the CRAPPY side of life. Yes friends, crap does happen to good people.

I am living proof that Crap does happen to Good people.
For me, it happens on a regular basis.

I am living proof that Blessings happen to Good people as well.
For me, that also happens on a regular basis.

So, in the pursuit of blogging happiness and truth I am here to present the first ever Truthful Tuesday on MoMomma.

10 Truths for Truthful Tuesday

1.  Chocolate is at the top of my personal food pyramid
2.  I am grumpy if I don't get at least 8 hours of sleep.
3.  I really dislike doing the dishes.  I dislike cleaning boys bathrooms even more.
4.  Traveling is one of my favorite things to do
5.  I am watching The Last Song right now... I think Miley Cyrus is not the best actress.  Wait... maybe it's the storyline.  I'm undecided.
6.  My favorite soap opera is Days of Our Lives
7.  I love to dance when no one is looking.
8.  I worry constantly I am a bad mother because I have to work full time.
9.  Taking portraits of my boys makes me happy. 
10.  I met Jenna, Mom the Intern, long before she was Mom the Intern. I was her counselor at EFY (Especially for Youth - an LDS youth camp)

Thanks for inpsiring me Jenna!

So, all of you online bloggers - who else is up for a Truthful Tuesday?  Please link up in the comments area below!



Amy, I'm running late but felt compelled to tell you that you are NOT a bad mom because you work full time. You are setting a great example for your kids. Often times, we are better parents when we have time to pursue the things we love beyond just being a mom. Don't be so hard on yourself - you are a great mom and there is no reason to feel any guilt at all.


Amy, you're the best! I am so glad we have kept in touch all these years.

Heather is so right -- you are not a bad mom at all for working. They even talked about that at Conference. A good mom cares about her kids, spends time with them and meets their needs. The rest is just inconsequential details. You obviously love your children and it shows!