Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today I lost to Hulk Hogan

Today I lost a battle with Hulk Hogan.

Early this morning KidMo brought in this Hulk Hogan action figure.
He gets up Super early and is happy to greet you with toys from his room. 
This morning he greeted us with Hulk Hogan. 

BabyMo was SO happy to see Hulk Hogan that he decided he went on an eating strike.
True story! 
He ONLY wanted to stare and baby-talk to Hulk Hogan! 
He smiled. He coo'd. He laughed. All for the Hulk. 
He had lost all interest in his bottle and wouldn't eat for me.

He WOULD eat for Hulk Hogan!

It turns out that if your baby won't eat - just show em a Hulk Hogan action figure.
Seriously - That baby has never been happier.

Thanks Hulk for stealing my thunder as a mother.  Hahaha.