Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm afraid of BEES!

*This blog post is sponsored in part by Broadcast Bloggers and Bee Screen *
It seems lately I've been blogging a WHOLE lot about the truth.

So, I thought I'd throw out there that I am terribly afraid of bees!

I mean, terrified of bees!

whew... there I said it.  I am Terrified of bees.

Am I the only one?

For me it began when I was little.  Our family home had bottle brush bush trees outside our front door.  
You know, the ones that look like this:

It seemed like at any one time there would be swarms of bees just outside our front door.
Picture Amy (aka Baby Rapunzel) with long flowing blonde hair playing in the front yard.
   ... My older brother Eric would tease me and say,

"Stop! Don't move... there is a BEE in your hair!"

I'd scream and run around in circles frantically trying to get the pretend bee out of my hair.

I'm sure it was great entertainment for my older brother.
Not so much for me.

Hence = I am terrified of bees.
(insert sarcastic "thank you" to my brother HERE)
 Now, what would have been REALLY cool was if there were a Bee Repellant back in the 80's!
I could just spray it and not have to worry about a Bee Sting at all!

AND, I could have saved KidMo from a Bee Sting while at preschool when he was 2.

The poor kid was stung right on the palm of his hand while playing outside.  He walked around with his poor little hand out it the air, whimpering ALL day, ALL night.  He even took a nap with his hand stretched out on it's own little pillow because it hurt so much.

SEE why I'm so afraid of BEES?

Well today there IS a Bee Repellant!
I just found it, it's called Bee Screen.

You can purchase Bee Screen online for this special MoMomma price of 2 for $18 and FREE shipping! 
How cool is that?

So, all you moms out there, please purchase Bee Screen and arm your kids so they can be protected from Bee stings

... both real and pretend (aka "brother inflicted bees").


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