Friday, September 16, 2011

I Need Your Help- Design my new Bag from Thirty-One!

I need your help!
(pretty... pretty please comment.... I need serious help!)
Please help me design my NEW bag from 

Background:  We are going on a BIG trip to a BIG resort in FLORIDA were a certain MOUSE lives and PRINCESSES live in CASTLES.  Any Ideas?

(SSHhhhhHHH! It's a Surprise for the KIDS!)
(Don't say anything :)

We've visited this certain resort once, and if there is one thing I know it is to PACK WELL for the day!

I want to be CUTE, Comfortable and have everything at an arms reach for my kiddos.  This is where I need your help!

OK. Here is what I need help with:
1. Which bag do I choose?
2. Help me pick something CUTE to embroider!

Leave me a COMMENT with your suggestions.


Bag 1: Organizing Shoulder Bag $42
Love: Cross body (good for carrying bag + Baby on hip)
Love: Plenty of room but not gigantic
Love: Zips closure to keep stuff from falling out
Love: small pocket in front for MoMomma's glasses & Fast Passes ;)

Bag #2:  Retro Metro Bag $52
Love: Side pockets (great for baby bottles / water bottles)
Love: lots of interior pockets
Love: the Painted Floral Plaid print!!! 

Bag #3:  Organizing Utility Tote $25
Love:  fabric is laminated nylon
Love: TONS of side pockets
Love: BIG size - Lots of space
LOVE: Awesome value

Okay... Here is where I need your help!

I not only need help picking the bag - but also the FABRIC choice AND the embroidered saying!
(Isn't it cool that you can customize the bag with your own fabric choice AND embroider it too?!)

And... I need help picking something catchy to embroider on the bag...
Here are some ideas:

Disney Family
(obviously a good choice)
Vacation Fun
Mickey Mom
Making Memories

What are your suggestions!??  
Please leave a comment below with your your bag suggestions!

Oh, and don't forget to check out the entire Thirty-One catalog and join my ONLINE PARTY!  Everyone who orders in the Amy / MoMomma party is entered for a FREE item!  COOL!

Enter our host Donna's site HERE to view the catalog and order through 9/23.
Thanks for your help!



#1 in Black Parisan Pop gets my vote! It's been almost 30 years since my "little girl" was being toted on my hip, but if I were to go back in time I would want this for two main reasons. 1 - you can't beat the cross-body strap for convenience and security. 2 - that Parisan design will make you feel glamorous and not mommyish (not that being mommyish is at all bad, just saying...)

Anyway, HI! I just stumbled upon your site because I think you left a comment on another blog and you know how that goes. I love your blog design and look forward to reading more. Come visit me when you have a chance over at Diary of a Craft Room Transformation. I'd love to hear from you!



I have the organizing utility tote and love it, but not sure it would be good for your trip. I say this BECAUSE there is no closure for it. If you aren't worried about it being closed and just want space- this bag is it! Tons of inside space, plus two side mesh pockets and 5 additional pockets around the bag to stick stuff in. Definetly large enough, but doesn't close so just keep that in mind! =0)


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I just read your "about me" page that you linked up yesterday. I cried! What an amazing story! You for sure have 2 little miracles :) Thank you for sharing your story!


Okay, I read the care instructions (so tiny you may not even notice them) and the Retro Metro is the only one machine washable. On that point alone it gets my vote! LOL. And I also love the Painted Floral Plaid. As for the embroidery, I have no idea, but I'd do it in a pretty font with black thread. There's my opinion!

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