Thursday, May 19, 2011

Personal: My Baptism 15 years Ago

May 19th is a special day for me.
15 years ago I was Baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
What a GREAT day in my life!

It was a choice I made all by myself.  At the young age of just 18 I knew that this is what the Lord wanted for me. And, I was SO happy. I had finally found what felt like a missing piece to my lie. I was beginning to understand the Lord's plan for me and my (someday) family.

This seemingly 'small' decision has led me down such a great life path. 
I've had the chance to study the Bible and Book of Mormon and come to know Heavenly Father.
I've served in the Church in a variety of callings.
I spent two summers as a Youth Counselor at EFY (Especially For Youth). I learned a lot about Heavenly Father's Plan by teaching it to the youth. They are amazing!
I met my husband, fell in love and we were married in the Mesa Temple in 2004 for Time and All Eternity.  He is by far the best thing in my life.
In 2006 we were blessed with a tiny 1 lb 3 oz MIRACLE baby who defied all odds to become a strong, smart and healthy boy (he is now 4).
In 2010 we were again blessed with another MIRACLE baby weighing just 3 lbs 15 oz (who is now 6 mos old)

All that is positive, happy and worthwhile in my life is because of Heavenly Father and his love for me and my family. I'm so happy that I choose to become a member of HIS Church on May 19th.  
What a blessing of comfort and happiness The Church of Jesus Christ is in my life.

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You're amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your testimony. You've just brightened my day! -Juli


What a great testimony. Here is a site you might enjoy.