Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Nursery: Details

BabyMo's Nursery is finally DONE!

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Here are some of my favorite details from BabyMo's Puppy Dog Nursery Room:

Above: Hand Painted Puppy Dog Art

Here's how I did it.
The first step was found when I was shopping at Ross.
I scored a 2 pack of 16x20 canvas's for 6.99.  HELLO. Great deal.
So, I purchased two of them.

 I started by painting the canvas's a light brown color which was left over from the stripes I had painted on the accent wall.
 Next up: Create a pattern from this sheet of scrapbook paper.
(This paper and the colors were the inspiration for the whole room!)
 I created a puppy pattern and cut it out of paper... what do you think?
 I traced the pattern onto the canvas's, picked my colors and started painting!
Woof Woof!
I really do love these puppies!  I think they really pull the room together.
And, what a great bargain they turned out to be!  Just $3.49 per CANVAS!

Below is a cute picture of BabyMo showing off his super cozy crib.
BabyMo just LOVES super soft snuggly fabric. I knew I had to find a crib sheet and bumper that was soft and cuddly to help him fall asleep at night.  So far- it's worked like a charm!

 The bumper and crib sheet are from Carter's.  You can find more about the bumper and crib sheet on Amazon by clicking here:

On the floor you can see a puppy paw play mat.
Kid mo was kind enough to re-arrange the paw colors for me in his own unique pattern.
I scored the play mat also at Ross for about $12.

In the upper Left corner you can see a lamp which I scored off Ebay for $2 plus shipping!
No kidding! What a deal!

Okay, my crowning achievement is installing these shelves:
(I installed them myself.... without any MEN around!) haha

I also installed the curtain rod myself.
Before this I had never picked up an electric drill in my life.  
Now I feel like I could install anything I wanted.... all by myself.
(I think I'll still ask MoDaddy to take care of that stuff though!)
The shelves were easy to install. 
I found them at our local Home Depot for about $30 each.

Some of the cute things you'll see on those shelves have been a part of my life for years.
The green book on the top shelf is called "Barkis".  My mom and I love this children's book and love the illustrations in all of her books. (Especially her Kitty books!  But hey... this is a puppy room and that just wouldn't make sense)

Next to the "Barkis" book on the top shelf is the only Bear in the room. This bear was my stuffed animal as a baby/child. I took that thing everywhere.  A close look will tell you that he was one well loved bear.  He needed a special place to sit so I thought this shelf was a good fit.

The black doggy on the lower shelf is a family treasure.  It used to sit in my mom's Aunt & Uncle's home (Auntie Myrtle and Uncle Bill).  We drove to visit them in Detroit Lakes, MN every summer from California.  (Side note- WOW- what a long car ride that was!) They would let me play with it every summer when we came to visit.  During one of my last visits before she passed away, Auntie Myrtle sent it home with me :) 

For now, I'll put things that are important to me on the shelves. Someday, BabyMo can fill them with his own treasures.

I found a cute Doggy Pillowcase on Ebay. I slipped it over a pillow and put it in this rocking glider chair that we had when KidMo was a baby.  It fits the chair perfectly and adds a little cushion when in the room for those middle of the night feedings.

I put the ottoman next to the rocking chair and used it like a side table.  Ottoman's are dangerous during middle of the night feedings... trust me. It's best to keep that thing out of the way to avoid stubbed toes and overall disasters.  It's much more useful holding this cute basket full of burp clothes, wipes and diapers.

I had a hard time picking out curtains for the room.
I settled on these Brown (Blackout) Curtains from Walmart.

Overall I think the room was a success.
BabyMo seems to love it! Ever since he "moved" into his room he's slept through the whole night! WOOHOO!


gail@My Repurposed Life

I love the colors of your room! You did a super job with the puppies on the canvas!
baby mo seems really happy in his new digs!
"catching you"