Friday, January 6, 2012

Bloggiversary: 1 Year Old!

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Happy Bloggiversary Everyone!

Can you believe I've been blogging at MoMomma for one year to date?
I began this blog January 6th 2011 - That was a quick year. WOW

Going back to my original blog posts I wanted to show my friends and family different ways to save money while raising their family.  I knew I wanted my blog to be about Family, Food, Crafts and Church.  These are the things that I enjoy every day so they were natural topics for me.

My 2011 family goal was to eat better, plan more meals and make family dinner time a priority.
Even with a small baby in the house, I'd say we did pretty good.

I started 2011 with my first Fry's Shopping Coupon adventure.
I still LOVE to coupon but I realize there are MANY couponing blogs out there who do it better,
so I'm going to leave it to the experts :)
I then started adding into the mix my Recipes and Recipe reviews.
 My first recipe review for Fiesta Chicken.  Not our family's favorite but it was okay.
 Turns out my readers dug the recipe reviews so I kept that as a constant feature.
And hey, who DOESN'T like to eat?  And - eat well!

Here is one of our favorite recipes from 2011:
Waffle Maker Pizza

Through the year I also shared a little about my Family...
Milestones of BabyMo & KidMo

Baby Boy -Puppy Dog Nursery Reveal

Then... We tackled some PERSONAL topics...
FIRST- I showed you all the GREY HAIR the baby gave me...

THEN- I chopped it all off!!!

Pretty fun... RIGHT?

I had a few serious posts as well - like THIS one where I shared my Testimony & Conversion story to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

And, celebrated another fantastic year married to MoDaddy

And my all blog post with the MOST hits was:
KidMo's Cars 2 Birthday Party & Cake

I've gained Bloggy-Friends from ALL over!
A quick shout out to my readers in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, Ukraine, Brazil, Israel & Germany!  WOW!  

If you are visiting from another country (or even state) leave me a comment to say HELLO!

Thanks for an AMAZING first blogging year everyone!

There's MORE to come! Stay tuned!
hint: I can tell you I'm working on a HUGE room reveal... you're going to LOVE it!