Saturday, December 24, 2011

Operation Sippy Cup

Operation Sippy Cup
Is now in action!

Say good-bye Bottles, Hello Sippy Cups!
Now that BabyMo is just 13 months old it's time for the switch from baby bottle to Sippy Cup.  
He hasn't been interested in Sippy Cups at ALL up until this point so I knew the switch would be a tough one.

I work Full Time and I often don't get to spend most of baby's "awake" hours with him.
So, I didn't want to leave this tormentuous (is that a word?) change over to Sippy Cups to someone else. 
I waited until Christmas Vacation to make the change when I knew I'd be with him for an entire 10 days straight.  

Hence --> Operation Sippy Cup Has Begun!!

Here's a photo to let you know how the switch is going so far...

That's my 13 month old having a meltdown.
"Common' Mom.... just give me a bottle!"

No, but seriously.
I've had to go cold turkey on this kid.
I hid ALL the bottles and We are not going back.

Aside from the 3am meltdown which consisted of 45 minutes of straight screaming, 
I'd say we're doing okay! 
(I'm an optimist - what can I say)

We've been almost 24 hours with NO bottles.
And, I think we're making some progress.

Check out these photos which were taken just 10 minutes after the meltdown above...

Dear Santa... please bring more Sippy Cups.
Sincerely, BabyMo & MoMomma