Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thirty-One Thursday

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Welcome to another edition of Thirty-One Thursday!
One day a week I'll show you a fantastic product from the Thirty-One line and show you how to use it OR how to gift it! :)  After all- it IS the season of giving.

Today's Thirty-One featured product is the 

(Remember that with Thirty-One you can pick the fabric AND the personalization of the products!  Personalization is only $7 more)

This tote is AMAZING!
It would make a great gift for anyone this holiday season (including yourself!) for just $30

But Wait... Just HOW BIG is it..... Really?

It's big enough to fit KidMo (who's 5!)

Here are THIRTY-ONE additional uses for this tote:
Usage Ideas 
  1. Left in your car with blankets, a sweatshirt in case it get chilly during a game
  2. Toy storage
  3. Scrapbooking / Crafting
  4. Picnics or beach items for the family
  5. Vegetables they pick from their garden
  6. Sports equipment / Soccer Mom / T-ball / etc
  7. Dirty shoes in vehicle
  8. Sam’s, Costco, etc. shopping
  9. Knitting Clubs (holds all of their yarn, etc...)
  10. Consultants Tote (for ANY sales person)
  11. Tailgating
  12. Great place to store toys in between the two bucket seats of any car- Especially Mini-Vans!
  13. Beach bag-- towels, lotions, food and your thermal totes with drinks in it
  14. Seasonal & Holiday Storage
  15. Carry Christmas presents so you don't have to worry about them falling and getting messed up
  16. Food to church gatherings
  17. Great GREEN alternative. Carry to the GROCERY STORE or wherever they certainly won't think you stole that personalized bag! :)
  18. Laundry - It can work well for both Clean and Dirty
  19. Moving box
  20. “Trunk” for vehicles
  21. Weekend trips
  22. Rolled up towels, blankets, etc. for guest bath/bedroom
  23. Gift wrapping supplies
  24. Yard Sales
  25. Board games
  26. Carrying Christmas/Birthday gifts to get-togethers
  27. Playground equipment for teachers
  28. Bottom of closet organizer
  29. Carrying in firewood
  30. Quick 5 min clean up
  31. Bring to the beach
So, What would YOU use this tote for?

Please support working moms (LIKE ME) and others this holiday season while you shop. 
Our families thank you for it! :)

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