Friday, October 28, 2011

MoMomma -Fitness Update And Deal

Remember my Fitness Plan with 
Moms Into Fitness??

Wait... you DON'T remember?
Oh that's because I had forgotten about if for a while also.
Ooops!  Well. It's time to get BACK on the bandwagon ladies!  

I'm sure it's happened to you. A couple weeks you're sick, the kids are sick, a vacation takes you off track.  Well that happened to me! And, it happens because HEY we are REAL women!

The nice thing is... can rededicate yourself ANY time you want!

I'm happy to report I haven't GAINED any weight. Whew!
I'm holding steady at 190 lbs.
With the 180's so close, I'm ready to pounce into action.

Who's ready to join me?
If you're ready - then I've got a DEAL for you!

The Holidays are typically a time where some pack on a few extra pounds.
This is an easy, proven system with REAL results. The SlimDown System is tailored for women and mothers...just like you! (AND JUST LIKE ME!!)

Each system includes:
  • 60-Day Meal Plan
  • Fitness Calendar
  • Progress Tracker
  • Fast Food Guide
  • Breastfeeding Modification
  • Download version of each DVD for your iPod, iPad or Smart Phone
  • Start your SlimDown  TODAYand get a jump start on the holidays! And now get a 4 week FREE trial of the Moms Into Fitness Workouts! Just follow the links on the site!

  • *$4.00 shipping
    You've got nothing to lose - except the weight :)
    Buy it now and work out through the holiday's or save it for your New Year's Resolution!
    Click HERE to go their site.

    *MoMomma brought to you by Broadcast Bloggers. All opinions are mine*

    Alexis @ we like to learn as we go

    I'm trying to get back into shape too! I love that it has a breastfeeding modification. Sounds like a great idea!


    i really need to get on this with you. I went from 175 to 180 with all my constant eating for nursing lately.