Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ThredUP - A great idea for Kids Clothing & Toys

I've stumbled across the COOLEST website! If you have kids, you MUST check it out.

It is called thredUP

Here is what it is all about:

You post a box of your own unwanted kids clothing or toys, and in exchange you pick a box that someone else has posted. It is like an online clothing exchange!
You pay $5 plus shipping when you select the box you want.
I joined last week and immediately found a lot of boxes I would be interested in.
I also earned my first box for FREE! I thought, what do I have to loose. I'll give it a try.

I selected a box with a boy's suit, tie, pair of church pants, button down shirt and ski jacket!

Did you catch all of that clothing for $5 ?

Here is a photo of what I received....

The "seller" also included a cute set of lego blocks for free. KID-Mo just loved the box of clothes and the extra toy for him. Everything was in perfect condition. I plan to get the suit dry-cleaned of course, but I'm super excited by my new finds!

You can search their website by size and gender or by specific item if there is something you are looking for. They also send you a set of USPS shipping boxes for the clothing that you post. When it is time ship the items you put them in the free box they sent, print out the shipping label and wait for the post man to come pick it up. (remember- the person who picks the box, pays for the shipping- no cost to you!) It is easy!

So, I'm going to send you to MY ThredUP site as a referral HERE. Go on, check it out! I promise you will love it!

PS- Let me know what you think! Leave a comment below