Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seven Slings Baby Carrier Review- FREE- Just pay shipping

A couple weeks ago I scored this deal that was posted on Saving With Amy's website for a FREE baby sling.

I couldn't pass up a deal for the free baby sling.  Well, free is a relative word.  It is "free" when using code COLORADO and paying $11.95 shipping.

Go to the Seven Slings website HERE

I would love to say that the photo below is of me and Baby-Mo but I'm too busy loosing handfulls of my hair and fighting my post- baby weight to be this cute right now.... maybe next year folks. 
(This is a paid model, not Mrs Mo Momma)
Back to reality...

My cute little 3 month old baby boy just loves to be held. Every night around 5 or 6pm he is fussy and it's hard for me to make dinner.  I figured a baby sling would be a great way to keep him happy while being able to move around the house. 

The REVIEW:  The product isn't too bad.  It is very basic.  It is actually just a thick piece of fabric sewed together.  Baby-Mo even fell asleep once in it!  SCORE!  On the negative side, my shoulder hurt for the rest of the night from the weight of the baby.

The GOOD:  The product is made well and I'm not worried about it ripping apart.  They are also made out of stylish material and look cute.

The BAD:  Not very comfortable for long term use. Also, It takes a while to get the baby situated correctly. And, if the baby is angry, I've learned it is impossible to get him in the sling correctly. And it just made Baby-Mo even more angry.  That is NOT a good thing.

Overall, I think it's a good buy.  I think Baby-Mo will do well with it once he is old enough to sit and can just hang on my hip a bit.

Do you have a favorite baby sling? Have you tried Seven Slings?  Post below with your comments please!



I made a sling with my first child, and found that it killed my back and have never really tried it again. But I have seen the type that wrap around both sides more and they are supposedly better.

Rachel Previsible

DO NOT,I repeat... DO NOT waste your time on the seven sling. It's nearly impossible to get the baby situated comfortably in it. Waste of 14 dollars. I personally got next to no use out of this POS item.

It's an over glorified piece of fabric.

Invest in a mei tai or a ring sling. They are actually functional.